How to reset Garmin GPS device?

If your Garmin update not working, then try to rest the device and again update it. Whenever you face any issue with your Garmin device or Garmin update failed then, then the only way to troubleshoot the issue is to reset the device. Perhaps, you can go through the following sections of the blog to know how to reset the Garmin GPS device.

How to reset the Garmin GPS device?

Garmin provides a well-known GPS device to provide accurate navigation. But if anyhow it fails to work, you can fix it by resetting the device. Resetting the device will result in the change in the current settings. All the settings will be changed to default and you will need to perform Garmin map updates.

Soft reset method

Follow the steps to the soft reset GPS device.

  1. Press the power button on your GPS device.
  2. As soon as the device gets restart, release the button.
  3. The Garmin logo will appear on the screen.

This process will resolve all the minor hindrances. Thus, users can effectively perform the Garmin map update process after the soft reset process.

reset the garmin gps device

Hard reset method

The users are recommended to follow the steps in an orderly manner to reset their GPS devices.

  1. Begin by detaching all the other devices connected to the GPS system. Remove the power cable as well.
  2. Locate a tiny button on the back of the GPS device.
  3. Take a pointed and sharp object. Press the tiny button using that object for a few seconds.
  4. Do not release the button if the device is not restarted.
  5. Release the button and wait for a few seconds.
  6. Wait for the device to initialize.

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Once the Garmin GPS reset process is completed, all the saved data, preferences, favorites, customized settings, and other settings will get reset to default.

If you Garmin won’t install, you can perform the reset process to resolve the issue. After following the above-given steps, you will easily be able to reset your GPS device. To know more details on the Garmin update failed, you can get connected with our team of experts and they will help you resolve it.

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