Quick Resolve- Can’t Unlock Garmin Map Error

If your Garmin GPS device when connected to the computer is displaying a message ‘can’t unlock maps error’ or ‘locked Garmin map error’ then no need to worry as you can get your Garmin unlock map problem fixed through this guide.

Can’t Unlock Garmin Map Error

Some Garmin map products are required to be unlocked before you can attempt the Garmin map update. If your product requires to be unlocked, you will find the unlock code or product key in the product package itself. 

We often come across users who are stuck with locked Garmin maps. 

Important: An unlock code consists of 25 characters and a product key consists of 8 characters that are printed on the yellow paper or on a product packaging.

Reasons: Unable To Unlock Garmin Map

Possible reasons could be many why you cannot unlock map Garmin. When you receive ‘can’t unlock map error’ this message is a result of validating the map with your device. If you are unable to open maps on Garmin, many times you can fix the issue by checking whether the information is correct or by checking the behavior of your SD memory card. 

Use this guide to figure out how to get Garmin unlock map problem fixed.

Troubleshoot Locked Garmin Map Issues

There are three main troubleshooting tips and tricks that could help you avoid Garmin cannot unlock maps issue.

  • Find the Garmin unlock codes
  • Double check the Garmin express software version
  • Check the internet speed

Solution 1- Search the Garmin Unlock Codes

If you are receiving a can’t unlock map error, you find the Garmin unlock codes as it will surely get you out of the trouble. 

Here’s how to get and use them:

  1. You have to go to your Garmin account.
  2. Search for the unlock codes.
  3. Now, you need to make a connection between your Garmin GPS device and computer by using a USB cable.
  4. Make a file gmapprom.unl. 
  5. Now, you need to open up the Garmin folder.
  6. Paste all the unlock codes one by one.
  7. Save the file into the Garmin folder.

Note: If you can’t find the GArmin folder on the screen, the Garmin icon is not there. Then do refer to the guide to fix Garmin express icon missing error. 

  1. Finally, you can reboot your Garmin GPS device.

This will probably fix the Unable to open maps on Garmin issue and won’t irritate you again.

Solution 2- Check the Garmin express software version

Garmin map updates are launched many times in a year. Double check that you have installed an updated version of Garmin express software on your computer.  Users working with outdated version often face locked Garmin map errors.

  1. To get the least Garmin express software, you need to visit the Garmin official support site.
  2. Now, open the Garmin express application, you will receive a message for update (if your device is not updated)
  3. Simply begin the installation by clicking on the ‘Install’ button.

To download Garmin express Application or installing to your iOs device. Refer guide: Install Garmin Express App for Mac

  1. Follow the on screen instructions.
  2. Wait until you receive the final ‘updated’ message.
  3. Now, you can restart your system after updating the Garmin express application.

This will definitely help you if you cannot unlock map Garmin.

Facing Garmin Map Lock Not Opening Issue
Contact Garmin Map update experts for Professional Help

Solution 3- Check your internet speed

Not to mention if you are still receiving can’t unlock map error this is something to do with your internet speed. Slow internet speed can restraint you from unlocking Garmin maps. 

  1. Make sure that the internet speed that you are receiving is fast and uninterrupted. Speed test here.
  2. Also, make sure you are not working with a limited data plan.
  3. Ensure you are connected to a settled and well-connected wifi network.

Garmin Lock Not Opening Issue- Intensive Solutions

Still cannot unlock map Garmin? If these above mentioned tips and tricks failed to resolve your Garmin cannot unlock maps issue then we are providing some more intensive steps. 

The following section will highlight some advanced level troubleshooting tips that will help you to get your Garmin unlock maps problem fixed.

  • Garmin cannot Unlock maps while using SD memory cards
  • After update with Windows 10

Still, Stuck With Locked Garmin Map
Get Relevant From Garmin Map Update Support

Solution 4- SD memory cards

The reasons for the bad behavior of SD memory card:

  • The SD card is not properly inserted in the device.
  • The installed memory card is not compatible with your device.
  • Corrupted map data files.
  • The memory card cannot located the unlock information.

Solution 5- Cannot unlock map Garmin with Windows 10

If you are confirmed that you are stuck with locked Garmin maps after updating to windows 10, you can perform the following steps:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the correct Garmin map update file.
  • Check there is no conflicting map file already installed on your device.
  • Ensure that the correct version is not corrupted.

By implementing these troubleshooting tips you will get your Garmin unlock maps problem fixed. You can easily perform the Garmin map updates. By any chance if you still receive can’t unlock map error, you can talk to our experts and ask for their advice to resolve the issue.

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