Garmin Map Update Failed

Garmin Express is an application designed especially to regulate Garmin GPS devices. A lot of users often face errors or issues while attempting Garmin map updates. It is always important to have a good internet connection. If your internet is not strong enough, you will experience the Garmin map update failed issue. Without updating the maps, you miss out on several features. Therefore, it is important to update Garmin maps and also to fix errors installing the Garmin update.

If your Garmin update not working, we are providing some tips that you can use to resolve the issue.

Garmin Express Not Working Properly

How to fix the Garmin map update failed issue?

When your Garmin update won’t install through Garmin express software, here are some quick Garmin update troubleshooting steps to fix the error.

Latest version of Garmin express

Make sure you have the latest version of Garmin express software installed on your system. Outdated software can restrict you from updating Garmin maps.

Clean the disk space

Maps contain a lot of information and it must be downloaded to your computer before you can install them on your GPS system. Garmin update error not enough space can only be resolved if you have up to 20GB of free disk space on your computer.

Ensure that the data limit is not restricted by your ISP
Some ISP places a limit on how much data can be downloaded in a month. Exceeding the limit may result in limited data. Asking your ISP to remove the restriction can be an option if you face error installing the Garmin update.

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Correct time zone, date and time on the computer

If the Garmin update won’t install, make sure that the time, date and time zone are correct on your computer.  If the time zone is incorrect, Garmin express will not communicate with the Garmin updates.

Re-install Garmin express

If your Garmin express not working, you can uninstall Garmin express software on your computer and re-install it after a few minutes. Now, try for Garmin map updates.

Restart the device

After following the Garmin update troubleshooting tips, you need to restart your device. Finally, you can try attempting Garmin nuvi updates.

These tips will resolve the Garmin update not working issue. Though, if you are still encountering the Garmin map update failed issue, you can quickly ask our troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue. Reach to them by calling on our 24/7 available number.

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